Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Mansion

If I could have a mansion with as many rooms as I could possibly want, boy would I have a lot of decorating to do.

There'd be a room for each color I liked, and a room for every theme I could possibly imagine. There'd be a japanese zen styled room, a medieval room, a disney room, a movie room filled with merchandise based off of my favorite movies along with my own mini movie theater, there'd be a star wars room, a room for my childish stuff like stuffed animals and pretty dolls, a room-size closet like the closet in princess diaries 2. I'd have rooms set aside for my children, decorated in the most magical fun way for them to explore and grow up in. There'd be a game room for my husband, with every gaming device he could wish for(granted I'd use the room too). I'd have my on art room filled with all the art supplies I could ever want.  I'd have rooms set aside for my photos, a personal studio, and other rooms with creative sets. Id have a big empty room, that would always remain empty, so the sole purpose of dancing and for use for anything else I could think of.  

if only lol

In truth though, I really wish I had an empty room in my house, or even just a bit more space and better lighting. The room would manly be used for photo purposes, think of all the possibilities an empty room gives to the imagination! I would dance in it too though. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Photoshoot (Final Images)

Winter Photoshoot

Being inspired by the snowy weather we were constantly getting hit with, I planned this shoot with three of my plans. I had the idea for a while but was just waiting for the perfect day to go out. I wanted the weather to be warm enough that I wouldn't freeze my models, but cold enough that there was still snow on the ground. I checked the weather everyday and finally a day above freezing appeared on the 10 day forecast. We planned to shoot that saturday, as it was suppose to be 42 degrees out. I prayed that the snow would still be covering the ground by then. 

I am not a morning person at all, so we planned to meet at my house at 10:30. Sadly my male model Mark had work at 2 so we were limited in time. On a good note, the snow was still covering most of the ground and it was overcast outside, which is a photographers dream weather condition. We spent a good amount of time putting together the model's looks. I am very thankful for my friend Brianna who was my makeup designer and photo assistant on this shoot. Once the models were set we all piled into Mark's car and drove to the location. 

The location we went to is an area I've gone to for many other photoshoots since it has a few different landscapes from forest, to field, to pond/lake. The location is a few minutes from my house when driving so it's convenient as well. I always thought the area was part of a peach farm that is near by, but I found out I was wrong. 

While walking down the path we saw this spot off to the side that was hilly and covered in snow. Further examining we saw it was a bunch of mulch piles, which explains why I never noticed it before, must have been dumped there recently. Anyway it created a beautiful landscape for the photos. 

We took pictures in different spots, slowly making our way back further into the woods. Poor Steph had to walk around holding her skirt up to avoid getting it super wet and Mark was only wearing sneakers (apparently he doesn't own snow boots) Probably about half way through the shoot is when the really got interesting

We had about four cops stumble upon us while shooting Steph with the snowglobe. I can only imagine what went through their heads when they saw us. Apparently someone saw Mark's car and thought it was suspicious and called it in. They followed our footsteps in the snow. They claim they came out because they thought someone was going to be hurting themselves. "When we saw the bride gown we got scared". Though they most likely were hoping to catch us smoking or drinking, some type of hooligan activity. Instead they found Steph and Mark in strange outfits and makeup, and me taking pictures of them with Bri's assistant. Oh and they thought Mark was a girl at first, apparently his facial hair didn't give that away. 

That's when I found out our location was owned by Rowan, my lovely college, of course. The Rowan police collected our student info and basically said we weren't supposed to be back there but if we plan on taking pictures there we can call the school and tell them. Luckily they let us finish our shoot too. Really glad they didn't ask for Mark's license as well, because he left it at my house >.>

 So after a few more pictures, the cold was starting to get to Mark and Steph so we called it a day. I'm pretty happy with how everything came out, the police did scare the shit out of me though lol.

 For behind the scenes photos for this shoot look at my previous blog post =] 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

BTS of Winter Photoshoot

Okay so this is my first blog post =] I thought I'd start off my blog by talking about my latest photo-shoot I did and show some behind the scene shots before releasing the final images. This post will also relay what I was thinking planning this shoot and talk about the props and wardrobe.

With the way the weather had been lately I knew I had to plan a shoot in all the snow we were getting. I have done mini self portrait shoots in my backyard in the past, but due to the fact that I have a boring fenced in backyard, they never turned out exactly how I wanted. Shooting in my backyard is easy though, and in the cold I am able to run back inside whenever I feel like it. I finally got to plan a real shoot though outside my backyard and with some friends I haven't gotten to hang with in a while.

                                       Trekking out into the cold like champs

The shoot was planned as a sort of Winter King and Queen theme. I wanted a pretty snowy background and my models to be dressed in white with crowns and cold inspired makeup. The two models I chose are friends of mine, and I mainly chose them due to their hair color. I wanted their appearance to be very pale and cold looking, so light blonde hair was a must. Steph, who appears in many of my photos was my snow queen. My snow king was Mark, who is debuting as one of the first guys I've shot a real planned photoshoot with.

                                       caught this cute pic of Steph smiling

My friend Brianna came on the adventure with us and did the makeup and hair for my two lovely models. Brianna has always been really awesome with makeup and has done makeup for shoots I've done in the past.
                                         Bri helping with Steph's dress

All jewelry was created by Mark, and he will be selling them on his etsy shop (which I will post a link to when I get it) He has recently taken up jewelry making as a hobby and I was more than happy when he said he'd make some specifically for the shoot.

                                         detail shots of the jewelry

The crowns Mark and Steph are wearing were provided by me and Bri. I made Mark's crown out of wiring and things I found at ACmoores. Steph's crown was actually once part of a bridal veil Brianna had bought at goodwill. We ripped the veil off (me and Mark failed terribly, but Bri ripped it off in one shot cause she's superwoman) The veil was then incorporated into Steph's outfit.

The dress Steph is wearing is actually her senior prom dress that we put a lace top over. (Steph was not a fan of the lace top, so I did take some pictures without it lol)

Mark's outfit was just clothes he had laying around the house, I wish it was easier to find cool clothes for men for my shoots, but what he came up with worked out fine.

                                 detail shot of one of the props and Steph's ring

I just want to thank the three of my lovely friends for helping me create this shoot and for going out into the cold for me =]

                              some more bts shots of Mark and Steph being cute

Next blog post will be the final pics! and the story of the actually shoot which was an adventure in itself