Thursday, June 19, 2014


Temptation is everywhere. And temptation can come from many different things. Tempt means to entice or allure to do something often regarded as unwise,wrong, or immoral. Everyone is tempted at some point in there life. Many experience it as peer pressure when you are young, and it doesn't always get better or easier as you get older. I'd say I am mostly tempted by gluttony or sloth. I just love food and love sleeping. It's a wonder I'm not obese. And I admittedly give in to the temptation more than I'd like. When I do avoid it, it does feel pretty great though. These pictures did not start as a temptation concept, but I feel like it fits perfectly.

 I hate snakes. I mean hate as in I am scared to death of them. They are one of my biggest fears and one of the down sides of exploring in the woods. You can tell if I've seen a snake, because I run and scream. My friend's brother and sister both have snakes. I'm pretty sure they are ball pythons, but I don't really remember. Anyway, at her new years party her siblings had their snakes out, and my other friend Steph, the daredevil she is, was messing with them and had one around her neck. As much as I dislike snakes, I new I wanted to do a picture like that as soon as I saw her. It was just too cool looking. So the other day I sucked up the fear and we created these three pictures featuring Raven the snake. 

When you think of snakes most people think of adam and eve, so that's where the temptation concept came into play. The snake is like a physical representation of the temptation we feel. Craving over our skin, tightening around our necks, till we give in. 

When I had originally thought up of this idea, the model, Steph, had a lot shorter hair. So we had to pin her hair up in order to see the snake. The snake took that as a clue to go explore Steph's hair and get herself tangled. Here are some behind the scene shots of them trying to get the snake out. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Pine Barrens

It's nice to have some new photos to post finally. I hate how I haven't been taking pictures as much as I like, and I really want to try and change that. I just got a backdrop setup and lights for my birthday, so I'm excited to play with that. Anyway this blog post is about my day trip to the Pine Barrens with my best friend.

We don't have a lot of woods around where I live, at least none like the Pine Barrens. The woods around my town are either public so there's usually a bunch of people hiking and walking their dogs etc. This of course makes it harder to take pictures, I prefer the solitude when taking pictures. The woods here are also usually by high ways, so it's noisy. The more secluded woods are the ones I have to be careful in because I can get in trouble for trespassing. Paranoia doesn't make for a good picture because I'm usually just worried and want to get in and out. The Pine Barrens, though public, is huge so there is a less likely chance of running into people. We saw two cars drive by on the trail, but we didn't run into anybody other than that. And it was so quiet, it was amazing. I truly felt like I was experiencing the woods for the first time. It was like it was just me, Steph, and nature. It was perfect, minus the heat. Here's some pictures from our little adventure.