Thursday, October 30, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse pt 2

OK, so here's the jist of the photoshoot. Being a big fan of the Walking Dead and with Halloween coming up, I was inspired to do a zombie theme shoot. I wanted this shoot to involve a lot of people (to make it more realistic) I got about 14 people to participate. What I should of done was make it more into a storyline, where you see the different zombie characters get killed, and the survivors die/being turned, with at the end one or two actual survivors. Due to poor planning on my part and a lack of time I didn't even think of doing this. Because I did not have a large amount of zombies, it would also be hard to show the survivors killing them off because eventually I would have had no more zombies! lol So yes, there is a repeat of zombies looking like they are about to die. So the pictures aren't really consistent of each other.

Either way, here's the main shots from that day. The next post will have "bonus" shots aka silly fun shots, couple shots, shots that didn't fit with the "zombie apocalypse" theme for one reason or another. Thanks again for all the help and to all my models.

 notice Rainer lost his arm in this one lol

so we found this "camp" in the woods, most likely a homeless person's place. I had to snap a quick pic with it though because it was perfect for the whole apocalypse theme, though sad =[.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse

Finally a new blog post! lol. I have so many pictures to edit! At least 4 photoshoots to go through, but I figured I'd start with my zombie shoot first (because more people are waiting to see them) Plus I thought it'd be nice to have them out before Halloween.

Anyway this was one of the biggest shoots I've done and it definitely was an experience lol.  I wanted as many people as I could to come to make the zombie aspect look more real, and I got around 14 people so I'd say I was pretty lucky. I'll talk more about the actual shoot in another blog post (this one shoot will probably be 3-4 posts).

To start off the Zombie shoot I figured I'd do the individual pictures first, as a sort of "meet the cast" type of post. There are seven survivors and seven zombies, all who did awesome and I can't thank enough for joining me on this adventure. So here's the photos I have done so far of my lovely group!.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts for more pics!