Sunday, November 15, 2015

Meet the Model: Ali

Oh Hey, another blog post finally! It's been a while >.> opps.

Anyway, this is another Meet the Model post featuring a girl I went to school with, Ali. She just recently started getting more serious with modeling and I was very lucky to be able to shoot her =]

A little about the shoot:
So the shoot we did was something I decided I wanted to do a little bit before October, Halloween Pin ups. I wanted to do it in the studio and have a bunch of girls portraying classic halloween costumes: witch, cat, vampire, etc, in a very 50's fashion. Due to scheduling and me getting sick we didn't end up shooting until the week before Halloween (so I had limited editing time since I wanted them released on Halloween). Also, though I had a few girls interested, only two of them were able to shoot: Hannah and Ali. It actually worked out well though, because since there was only two girls, I had them dress up in different costume, thus giving them more pictures.

So when it was shoot time, we loaded my car up with props including (but not limited to): a bean bag seat, three pumpkins, a large bat, and spiders. Plus like three other big bags containing costumes, makeup, and everyone's stuff. I'm sure it was quite a scene watching three tiny girls trying to carry all of that stuff up to the studio. Luckily I was at least able to drive the car up to the building so we didn't have to walk too far with everything.

The shoot went really well, the girls seems to have a good time. Course when we first got there we found someone's camera in the studio and ended up waiting like an hour for this guy to get his stuff and give me the studio key. So because of that the shoot seemed really long, but it was a lot of fun though =]

So here's Ali's little interview! and below her pin up pictures from the shoot as a vampire (others can be seen on my fb:

First give us a short background about yourself.
I am a creative that loves to empower and inspire. I love to share my work and my story and push people to living their full potential

How did you first get into modeling and what made you want to pursue it?
I was a very insecure person due do past relationships. And someone had told me I could be a model. So I gave it a shot. It has done amazing things for my confidence.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
To be honest I'm not really sure. Hopefully still sharing my gifts and helping people find theirs.

Favorite movie/tv show/band/book? 
Movie is Evil Dead, tv- Sons of Anarchy, band -Alkaline Trio, and book I would say Brother's Grimm

What do you do in your free time? 
Play video games, sculpt, paint and model

Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
Noah from Noah University. He is a mentor to many and a real good friend.

How would you say our first photoshoot together went? 
I had a blast! You have no problem giving direction and I instantly felt comfortable. Sometimes it takes me a little while to get warmed up but I was able to jump right in! Sign me up for any more shoots you want to do! smile emoticon

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Greaser Shoot Part One (The Bleachers)

This shoot was pretty random and planned in like a week. Hannah actually came to me with this 50's style shoot and I instantly thought of the movie Grease. We wanted to include a guy in the shoot to complete the concept, and actually had my one model friend David lined up to shoot, but plans got messed up. Luckily Hannah was able to ask her one friend to fill in, and he did a great job. You know when people just have that "model" look about them, and they don't need much face direction? That was this guy Kristian and him and Hannah worked really well together. 

So this blog post is photos from the first part of the shoot. I wanted to do something on bleachers to give it that rebels at school look. The bleachers at the football field in our town that I wanted to shoot are locked up when theres not a game, so we had to use bleachers at a soccer field. The bleachers weren't as big as I'd like, but we made do with what we had. I really loved how these photos came out and I am loving me new camera. Was definitely going for a more vintage feel to the photos. I got lucky and finished part one of these photos the day before my ps cs6 trial ended. (CS6 is the only photoshop that will open my d7200 raw files) So I am working on getting  CS6 back, but for now I've been working on older photos on my cs5. 

Anyways, here's the photos. Check out my fb for my top ten favorites from this shoot that aren't posted here!

And here's some extra black and whites!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hannah Studio Session

I have so inactive photo-wise lately and I hate it. (I've been doing photoshoots, just not doing anything else). I've been really frustrated with trying to get my new camera to work on my computer. (I got the d7200 recently and I love it, but my computer doesn't). Basically the camera is too new for my photoshop and stuff to read the raw files. It's been stressful and I've tried like everything. I'm trying not to let it get to me too much or else I would be a wreck.

Anyway here is some pictures from my first studio session with Hannah that I didn't put up on facebook (including the flower ones not edited). Hopefully I'll be back to being more active soon!

(took me 2 hours to post this cause my wifi suck >.< all the technology problems geez)