Thursday, April 30, 2015

With a Little Help From My Friends (Hippie post III)

Three posts in, two more to go!

Like I said I'm trying to break the Hippie shoot into 5 parts so I don't have one post with a million pictures (cause there was a lot I liked and edited).

Anyway I don't really have much to say today, next two posts will be a bit more wordy xD.

I'm just going to say I really had a great time during this shoot. Usually when I'm trying to run a shoot with a bunch of people I get kinda distracted and flabbergasted and I'll forget to do certain things or won't know how to start. Luckily this group of girls were fantastic (it helps that most of them are my close friends). But I was really happy everyone who didn't know each other got along and there wasn't any awkwardness (least that I noticed). They really were all just a bunch of goofballs and they made the day a lot of fun. I'm really lucky to have such beautiful people in my life that let me photograph them and I love being able to show them how beautiful they truly are through my pictures. It makes each time I pick up my camera work while.

This blog's post features most of the group / couple pics from the shoot, enjoy =]

Thank you ladies for being so wonderful xx

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Model, Musician, and Magician.

This post is the first of a few "Meet the Model" related posts =]

The first model I would like to talk about is the awesome David Lawn. David was actually the first non-friend model I have ever worked with. I decided to start a modelmayhem profile because as much as I love my friends, I wanted to to see if I could meet any new people to model for me. The more the merrier right? Within the first week or so I got 3 messaged from models wanted to shoot =] Needless to say I was happy, excited, and honestly nervous. I had never worked with anyone that I didn't already knew. I knew if I wanted to expand my photography I would have to eventually, so better sooner rather than later. David was definitely very enthusiastic about shooting, and he was the first modelmayhem person I met with.

After messaging back and forth ideas, we finally planned to meet during both of our spring breaks. The only problem was figuring out where to met. David was located in Princeton, which about an hour away from me. We decided to try and meet half way, but David doesn't have car (did I mention he's originally from Scotland!) so he had to take the train (in this case two trains). I picked him up from Burlington with my friend Dan who was going to assist me with the shoot (plus I hate driving alone to places I don't know.) We were running a little late so David was checking out an antique store in town (I knew right from that point I was going to like him lol). Spotting David in town was really easy (he was wearing an awesome yellow trench coat). We picked him up and went to the location (Rancocas State Park). David was really nice and I think we got along really well.

The theme of the shoot was "magician", though I also brought props for other shots. David and Dan helped me carry a stool, birdcage, and a heavy backpack full of books of other things. Overall the shoot went good, the location was nice, the weather was nice, and David was a great model. The sun came out during the end which kinda messed with the lighting, but we still made it work. I had a lot of fun and think David did too (least I hope lol).

Anyway not only is David a great model, but he is also a talented musician. Listen to his music here!>

To go with this is shoot I ask David to answer a few questions so you could get to know him a bit =]
Here's the interview

First give us a short background about yourself.
I'm a composer and musician originally from Scotland but here in the states studying a masters degree in Composition. I play the oboe, piano and I sing. How did you first get into modeling and what made you want to pursue it? I was headhunted in Glasgow off the street for a fashion shoot. It went so well and I was introduced to Model Mayhem (where I met Rachel!) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully a successful composer and performer. Just continuing my craft and bring recognized for that. Favorite movie/tv show/band/book? I love ambient music like Sigur Ros the most. I'm a big reader of prose and poetry- sylvia Plath and Christopher Isherwood are both inspiring writers to me. What do you do in your free time? My free time is spent practicing and composing ! On the occasional weekend I will do some modeling and collaborations. Who/what is your biggest inspiration? Biggest inspiration has to be Dr James Jordan. He is a conductor and teacher at mY school. Very inspirational. How would you say our first photoshoot together went?
It was a great collaboration! Lots of fun and got some great conceptual images. Now here's some pics from the shoot

Thanks again to David for modeling and to Dan for assisting me on this photo adventure!

Friday, April 17, 2015

With a Little Help From My Friends (Hippie post II)

So when it comes to photography I love to use clothes that have the look that they come from another time. With a hippie themed shoot, the outfits/look is very important. I wanted to make the models actually look like they were from the 60's/70's. Now this may seem like it would of be a challenge, considering my photo costumes I have are more along the lines of "fairytale"-esque and my normal clothes are more modern. Surprisingly the only trouble with the outfits for this shoot was the models picking what of the many options they were going to wear. I've found that the hippie boho style is definitely coming back into style. You can find flower crowns anywhere!

So this post is definitely outfit style based (in case you can't tell) but I have 3 posts after this to talk about everything else!. I was very lucky all the girls were able to find something from there own closets to put together for this shoot. It was also really nice the sharing of stuff between the models to make each other's look "complete". As much as I love flower crowns, I didn't want everyone wearing them and I was lucky Megan and Brianna had brought these really awesome hats, and then Hannah wore a more traditional headband. The only things that were actually mine outfit wise was the red heart sunglasses Steph wore and Hannah got to feature my mom's very awesome fringe jacket from when she was a kid(not shown in this set of pics). Some of the girls also had these gold henna like tattoos that I think Brianna brought (I could be wrong). All in all they all pulled off the "hippie" look very well. On one more note before I share with you some more pictures from the shoot, I wanted to mention Megan's awesome vintage clothing blog. She brought the most clothes for this shoot and they were all so cool. She runs this blog and you should check it out, especially if you love vintage clothing!

And now the pictures!

 Spent forever trying to capture Steph blowing a damn bubble!

Oh and Hannah is wearing my dad's sunglasses, perfect touch to her look I think

Loved Megan's sunglasses so much!

and her awesome pants!

 This is the photo I picked for the 52 week project, mainly because of the more artsy style (it was so hard to choose though, I loved this shoot)