Friday, May 29, 2015

With a Little Help From My Friends (Hippie post V)

Ok this is the final blog post with images from my hippie shoot from weeks ago. Posting this many picture is annoying, but I really liked how this shoot came out so I had tons of pictures to share.

I've already said a lot about this shoot in my past posts, but I'm going to give an overview of the day. When I had first posted that I needed a model(s) for this shoot, I never expected to get 5 girls that would be interested, let alone be able to make it on the same day. I got quite lucky, and all these girls where wonderful to work with. Everyone met at my house and once they all got there, we went upstairs and they got ready. My room got very crowded, but these girls were great at making the space work and they all helped each other pick outfits and accessories, and do makeup and hair.

When everyone was ready, we piled into two cars and headed to the location: a park not even 5 minutes from my house. My mom had gone with me the day before to look for a spot for these pictures. It was pretty chilly out and everything was still dead and brown from winter, so the lush green nature I probably would have normally wanted for a hippie shoot was impossible to find. This park by my house has a wild flower field, and it so happened that the field currently had tall yellowed grassy plants. I choose this for my location, and it actually went very well with the warm setting sun.

We took pictures in this spot first, waving to the onlookers who probably were very confused. Some people were quite rude and didn't even say hi back, just kinda looked at us, but whatever.

The second spot we went was right next to the park, and we weren't technically supposed to be there, but it's such a beautiful location. Both my past hippie shoots were actually taken in this area. We snuck in through an open gated area in the park, and took pictures. We did run into some guy walking back there, and got scared we were going to get yelled at, but he ended up just being some guy walking lol. I got the chance to recreate an image from my very first photoshoot, which I will post a side by side picture at some point.

As the sun went down more it got colder and colder and my models were starting to freeze. We packed up all our props and stuff and headed back to the cars. Overall it was a great day full of laughter and great pictures.

So now the last set of pictures =]

Friday, May 22, 2015

With a Little Help From My Friends (Hippie post IV - Meet the Model edition)

Time for another post with Hippie pictures! (One more blog post left after this of this shoot)

I wanted to focus this blog post on meeting Megan, one of the models from this shoot. I met Megan just like David, through model mayhem. So just like with David I asked Megan to do a short interview, which will follow shortly. So far my experience with model mayhem has been great. Megan is awesome and I really enjoyed working with her. Ironically Megan actually knew my one close friend Sarah, who wasn't present at the hippie shoot. It's a small world man, lol. Anyway as I mentioned before Megan runs a vintage clothing blog and has an awesome clothing collection. I look forward to working with her again.

check her out on her official model facebook page!

Interview =]

First give us a short background about yourself. I’m a model, vintage collector, music lover and communications student. How did you first get into modeling and what made you want to pursue it? As a teenager I loved pin up models, my favorites being Yvonne DeCarlo and Bettie Paige. I had zero body confidence, none at all, as a teenager and would look at photos of those gorgeous women that oozed confidence wishing I could do the same. I concentrated my teen years on preparing myself to study music education with concentration in percussion in college. When I finally got to study the major I spent four years preparing for I realized it was not for me, this was a major identity crisis. I spent some time exploring myself and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I kept coming back to these beautiful pin up images and I realized I wanted to try it for myself. I love all genres of modeling and love to shoot all styles but, for me, pin up is so much fun. It’s a lot of work but it makes me feel so good. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still being creative and hopefully living in a city. Favorite movie/tv show/band/book? Movie: Being There- I am a huge Peter Sellers fan. TV Show: The Golden Girls- they are my t.v comfort food. I started watching them when I was 10 years old. Band: I can’t choose one, it’s too hard. The Turtles/Flo & Eddie, The Clash, Bobby Darin and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band are what I listen to most often and the ones that have had the biggest impact on my life. Music has had a huge impact on my life and certain artists mean a lot to me. Book: I’m a sociology/culture studies, history and biography fan but my favorite novel is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde What do you do in your free time? I love to listen to records, and hunt for them, I am a music-holic. I also like to do yoga, go thrift shopping, cook and journal. Who/what is your biggest inspiration? I have a lot, for different aspects of my life. Bettie Page, Bobby Darin, Peter Sellers, Howard Kaylan, Graham Chapman, Vivian Stanshall and Frank Zappa are my major ones. How would you say our first photoshoot together went? Very well! It was so much fun, no pressure, it was like meeting with girlfriends and the photos turned out wonderful. And now for more pictures from the hippie shoot, starting with some pictures of Megan!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 44: Bed

Week 44's theme was Bed. I've always wanted to take pictures in the woods with a mattress, I feel like it gives a fantasy vibe which I love. Sadly getting a mattress, taking it to the woods (without getting in trouble for "dumping"), taking the picture, and then taking the mattress back home, is a little difficult and time consuming to do in one weeks notice. I made do with what I had though, and kept the whole sleeping in the woods concept and just took a pillow and blanket out into my backyard. My yard hadn't been cut lately and the grass was super tall and was being consumed by dandelions and little purple flowers. I thought it looked really cool and would be perfect since I wouldn't have to travel for the picture. I asked my dad not to cut the grass until after I could take the pic, so he kindly waited a few days for me, though the grass really needed it.

 Steph and my old friend Danielle (her coming back into my life is a story for another blog post) were my models for me and were nice enough to lay in the grass for me. The main picture I did for the week pic was of Danielle, but I took some of Steph as well. I really wanted the colors to be very bold in this shoot, to give a dreamlike magic quality. I call this series of pictures "Daydreams",  I picked this title to go along with the fact that they were taking during the day xD lol. Enjoy =]