Thursday, June 25, 2015

After the Storm

So this little series of photos are my documents of the after results of the bad storm we got in south jersey two days ago. I would have posted this sooner but I didn't have power / wifi.

So we were warned about this storm but I don't really think anyone thought it was going to be bad. I was at work that afternoon checking the weather on my phone, and it was only saying there was a 40% chance of a thunderstorm, so I wasn't convinced it would even hit us.

 Low and behold it hit, and it hit hard.

I had been home from work for maybe about an hour. My sister and her friends were outside hanging out after swimming. I was watching something on netflix, waiting for dinner. I just had gotten my spaghetti and meatballs and poured a glass of water when the dark clouds moved in. My sister's friends, being outside, saw how the storm was picking up and started running to their cars. My mom, being the protective and smart lady she is, would not let them leave. They did have to roll up their car windows though. The strength of the wind made it hard for them to even open the front door to get back in.

And so we waited and watched as the crazy wind picked up pool floats and my dad's outside jaws decorations and fling them around. Branches were everything. The power flickered for a while and then it was out completely. My dad's main concern was for his decorations of course lol. He was trying to go out and grab stuff during the storm but my mom wouldn't let him.

Accessing the damaged about 20 minutes later, some of our stuff flew into our neighbors' yard and we had some siding come off. Overall we got lucky. The power stayed off and my sister and her stranded friends sat in the dark in my living room and read scary stories by flashlight light. I made myself comfortable by the window and read my own book. When my mom felt it was safe enough my sister's friends left and my sister feel asleep in the dark living room.

I didn't think the power would be out really long, it never does, but I was wrong. I didn't eat my spaghetti because I have this thing were I like to eat while watching something. So I planned to heat it back up when the power came back, which it didn't happen before I went to bed.

The light outside for a while was a really cool eerie orange, so the photographer in me was begging for a photoshoot. It being really late notice and everyone else dealing with the storm, I went out into my backyard and messed around. The result ended in a documentary style, (minus the few weird self portraits I took), and documentary style isn't my thing at all, but it was definitely fun. A lot of the pictures aren't in focus, since I was trying to capture the lighting as close to how the eye sees it and I only used a tripod for the ones of myself. My mom even took me around the neighborhood and I got to take some shots of the damage around my house.

When the sun went down and it really creepy how dark it was. No street lights or anything. Anyone who was driving around wouldn't be able to see any trees in the street until they got close. My town was a mess from the storm. We are a small town with a lot of old trees and old houses, which is not a good mix with a tornado. A lot of trees came down, destroying houses, cars, power lines, etc. Some people got trapped in their car by a tree and one house got split in half by one. There was also a bad gas leak, so we got really lucky. The tornado actually touched down in some parts of south jersey. It's really scary, especially since we aren't used to this weather at all. I spent the rest of the night reading using a headlight my dad has.

My power came back on at 5:00 am. I was awoken before the power came on by my dad's alarm clock beeping, I'm guessing cause of the battery or something. I shut it off and went back to bed and 15 minutes later the power comes back on and my dad's real alarm starts going off. My parents and sister slept downstairs cause of the lack of air conditioning, so I had to get up again to turn his alarm off. With two more hours left of sleep before work, I didn't care about the power, I just wanted to sleep. So I turned on my fan and passed out again until 7:30 when my alarm came on.

I didn't know whether or not I'd have work, but I didn't get any notification otherwise, so I went. So I walked down the street to the school I work at, and hoped they didn't have power so I could go home and sleep more lol. It did have power, which I should have expected it being on the same street as me. We only had like 7 kids though, seeing how a lot of the parents' works didn't have power and because no one could get cell service to contact parents or vice versa. Only one of my co-workers had power, and she lives on the street next to mine. Everyone else was taking advantage of the school's power and were charging their things.

Two days later and a lot of people in my town still don't have power. Some won't be getting it until saturday. My cable/internet came back today, which was nice, though I shouldn't brag with all the people out there in the heat and such. It definitely was an interesting experience, I can only imagine the weather is going to get worse with global warming. A storm that lasted maybe a half and hour caused so much damage and spoiled food >.<


 our siding coming off

Mojo accessing the damage 

 me being weird

 crazy orange sky

 the net was not broken by storm, but look a plane!

 big tree that fell on a power line and the power cords were still holding

my cold spaghetti I never got to eat

Note that the only editing done on these pics is a slight contrast adjustment, the light was that cool

Friday, June 19, 2015

Part of Your World (Little Mermaid Themed Engagement Photos)

So about two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking engagement pictures for one of my oldest friends, Katianne. Katianne, for as long as I've known her, has always been really into disney. Me and her family actually have gone to disney together a few times. She really loves Ariel and has red hair just like her so she wanted to do some little mermaid themed pictures. Luckily her fiancee, Sean, is a trooper and was willing to take the pics.

I have got to say I am really happy Kate found Sean. He's really good to her and supports her disney obsession along with everything else. They seem really happy together and it was a lot of fun taking their pictures.

So I met Kate in dance school when we were about preschool age, and our families have been friends ever since. We grew up playing games about mermaids, cats, fairies, etc. It was always a lot of fun getting together. During the time near the end of high school and our college years, we didn't get much time at all to hang out. We were both very busy with schoolwork and jobs and such. Kate also has two brothers, one a year older than my sister and one who is just going into 7th grade, so her parents were busy with them. When Kate contacted me about taking her pictures I was really happy, specially since I hadn't seen her in for ever. Meeting up again it felt just like old times and was really nice.

For little mermaid pictures we instantly decided on taking them at the beach. My aunt lives in cape may, so I went down the day before to scope out some locations and they met me at her house the next morning. We first went to the boardwalk in wildwood and took some photos there. Then we went back to cape may, had some lunch, and took pictures in various locations: a shopping strip, the court house, light house, ferry, and of course sunset beach.

Here's some of the silly fun pictures we took to show how happy and fun these two are. More pictures can be seen on my photo facebook page:

And here's some of the specific Little Mermaid themed ones

I wish all the luck to the happy couple, thanks again for letting me capture your happiness!