Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Greaser Shoot Part One (The Bleachers)

This shoot was pretty random and planned in like a week. Hannah actually came to me with this 50's style shoot and I instantly thought of the movie Grease. We wanted to include a guy in the shoot to complete the concept, and actually had my one model friend David lined up to shoot, but plans got messed up. Luckily Hannah was able to ask her one friend to fill in, and he did a great job. You know when people just have that "model" look about them, and they don't need much face direction? That was this guy Kristian and him and Hannah worked really well together. 

So this blog post is photos from the first part of the shoot. I wanted to do something on bleachers to give it that rebels at school look. The bleachers at the football field in our town that I wanted to shoot are locked up when theres not a game, so we had to use bleachers at a soccer field. The bleachers weren't as big as I'd like, but we made do with what we had. I really loved how these photos came out and I am loving me new camera. Was definitely going for a more vintage feel to the photos. I got lucky and finished part one of these photos the day before my ps cs6 trial ended. (CS6 is the only photoshop that will open my d7200 raw files) So I am working on getting  CS6 back, but for now I've been working on older photos on my cs5. 

Anyways, here's the photos. Check out my fb for my top ten favorites from this shoot that aren't posted here! facebook.com/racheladamsphoto

And here's some extra black and whites!