Saturday, May 21, 2016

Coming For You

Generation Y
Generation Me
Boomerrang Generation
Peter Pan Generation

Some of the many names of the people born in between 1980-2000's 

I was born in 1992
which is pretty much in the middle of that group

Millennials get a lot of bad rap
We characterized as narcissistic, lazy, coddled, delusional 
more civically and politically disengaged, more focused on materialistic values, 
and less concerned about helping the larger community

"Every kid gets a trophy"
Which was true when I was a kid
at the end of a season of sports / dance
we'd all go away with a trophy

Which supposed trained us to think everything is handed to us easily
to expect the world to do whatever we want
to believe we are special

If this is so, is that really our fault?
The reason everyone got a trophy is because the people who raised us gave us them

Honestly I don't think the trophy thing is so bad
I didn't see it as me being special for getting a trophy
I saw it as everyone gets one, because we are all important
and we all participated so we were rewarded

But as a generation we are put down
called all these negative things
So if we are all these bad things, why are we blamed for it
when we were raised that way?

And yes, some of the characteristics may be true
not true for all though
and they are not going to bring us down because guess what
We are the largest generation
We take up the most population
We are the most educated generation
So if we were all to rise up, we would win
power in numbers right?

The generations above us complain and judge us
saying we are the worst
but I also think they are trying to suppress us in a way
because they are scared

We have some good characteristics that we are known for
Technologically savvy, Pragmatic Idealists, Compassionate, Confident, 
Diverse, Multitaskers, Adventurous, Tolerant, Team Oriented
and I think this scares people
because we think different
and older people tend to not like change

The world is much different now then it was when the Great Generation X was coming of age
college costs more
jobs pay less
everyone has to work
it costs more to live
and many believe since it was easy for them
there's something wrong with us for it not being easy for us

Change is coming
because we are adults now
the world is going to be in our hands
We just need to learn to stand up to those who raised us
(and I'm not saying all our parents did a terrible job)
But the older generations will put us down
won't listen to our beliefs
are too stubborn to change
but we have the power to make changes now
and we are coming for the world. 

A lot of reject photos
I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to go with a more serious or playful look to the image

Decided on using a photo with a smirk
as to say, you've had you're fun but it's our turn now
Final Image

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