Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Another positive concept!
"Masterpiece" is about accepting and loving your self.
We are all masterpieces in the making
We control the mark we leave on the world, why not make it beautiful?

Everyone has days when they feel bad about themselves
and that's ok, those days happen
but we should all remember that
we are a work of art

everyone of us
Unique, beautiful specimens
with a complex personality 
and the amazing ability to feel love, compassion, hate, fear, empathy, sadness, etc. 

You may not believe "we are all put on this earth for a reason"
and maybe there is no reason for it
but I believe we all have the oppurtunity to use the life we are given to make a difference
it might not saving the whole world
but to some people, maybe even just one person, you can be the world
and you can make a difference to them

The world would suck if we were alone on it
so why can't our reason for life be to help each other?
cause without everyone else, what is life?

childhood are the years of thinking the world is centered around you
teenage years is when you feel like the world is centered around everyone but you
I believe adulthood is when you realize it's both. 

Our life is precious 
it still makes my head spin trying to understand how I am even alive
how organs, our mind, our emotions work
If life isn't proof of magic, then idk what is. 

My years so far as a young adult as been revisiting the insecurities of being a teenager
feeling the hurt and doubt
but also learning from those insecurities
and question them
and decide I don't want to feel that way anymore
learning to accept what I see as flaws

I am not the smartest, prettiest, or most successful person in the world
but I know there are people out there who look at me as if I was
and I look at some of the people in my life the same way
and that is what matters
having people in your life that care

Cause when other people see you one way
and it's the people you care about most
you'll start to see yourself that way too.

So like I've said in past posts
this year I have felt more confident in myself
and it's not that I've gotten prettier, or anything like that
but I know I am loved, flaws and all
and I've accepted my flaws as part of myself
because I am loved despite them. 

I feel beautiful because I know I am loved. 

When you view yourself as a piece of art
think of every choice you make as a stroke of the paintbrush
the more love put into each stroke, will make the art that much better
masterpieces are rarely created without passion 

so live your life full of love
love yourself
love others
lover your enemies
love the world

I am a masterpiece in the making
in the making only because I still have much life to live.
Each stroke on the canvas is my choice
and I choose to make it beautiful

This concept was messy to say the least,
but life is messy sometimes too, hidden symbolism?
a lot of reject photos for this one, it was a hard choice to pick a final image

final image

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