Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Graduate

Almost didn't write a blog post today
because I'm feeling sick
but I'm currently waiting for my boyfriend to get home
so I figured I'd use the energy I have to write while I wait

All in the name of art right?
(not going to lie, I'm getting sick of writing these)

I graduated last year from Rowan University with my Bachelor's of Fine Art
and about a week later, I turned 23
and thus the year that inspired this series begun

I knew very well going into an art degree was going to be tough job wise
which is why I got an associate's in graphic design
because there's more jobs in that market

At Rowan I kind of let my passion guide me
and ended up taking a bunch of photography class
and no graphic design classes
because I honestly wanted to learn photography
it's what I loved and I wanted to get better at it. 

That's what college is suppose to be right?
I place to learn about the stuff you love
and the stuff you want to do for a living

I'd love to do photography for a living
but it isn't as practical 
and thus frowned upon
"stupid poor art students while never find a job"

This is where the term "Starving artist" comes from
but sometimes picking a practical career choice doesn't always lead to happiness
just usually a better chance of getting a job
but this job may make you miserable for the rest of your life

so what is better
being jobless, poor, but following your dream, enjoying what you do
or having a boring job, that you don't like, spend most of your day at, just to make enough to be middle class

I'm really not sure

One of the characteristics of people around my age
the "millennial"
is more of them are following their dreams
but that is generally looked down upon

Now college was not a bad point
I wouldn't say it was amazing either
and I know there's going to points in my life where I'm going to wish I was back 

Wasn't a party girl
didn't live on campus
so I guess I missed out of some college stuff
but I did manage to make one great life long friend
and kept my best friends from high school too

Would I say the amount of money college cost was worth the education I got
And I'm going to be paying off these debts for a while.
Many of my other friends will be paying them off longer.

Now, why go to college if the price isn't worth the experience?
because A. like  I said, I wanted to learn some of the stuff
and B. (mostly B), almost every job out there requires at LEAST a bachelors degree
if you even want to be considered

So I graduated with a bachelors
was thrown out into the world with a bunch of debt
and now what?
I try to find a job
1 year out of college and I have yet to find anything

I've always said high school does not prepare you for college
but college doesn't really prepare you for the real world either

So I am kinda stuck hoping I get lucky. 

By the time I found out decorating graduation caps was a thing
I didn't have time to actually decorate mine
which kinda was disappointing
I was an art major after all. 

So this picture isn't what my cap actually said
but it midas well. 

no reject photos today
took the photo around 12:30 today, and edited it about 5 mins ago

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