Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Job Market

This is the last concept I had to shoot
so I'm glad to be done that part of the project
3 more concepts after this one and the series is over

This is another simple concept about the job market 
and how hard it is to find a job

at least a full time job in your field

I've applied to tons of jobs this years
writing a bunch of cover letters 
and I've had two interviews...

Two out of I've lost count how many
the rest I didn't even get a call
to make it worse two of the jobs that didn't call
were from the very college I just graduated from

So the own school I just got a degree in
wouldn't even give me an interview
I guess they don't really care about helping us and our future after we leave
they just care about the money we give them
didn't take them very long to email me asking for donations after I graduated either

So needless to say this year of job hunting was very frustrating
and I'm not sure if it's because I'm not qualified
not good enough of an artist
or if it's just because there's so many people applying

It is sad though, because a lot of jobs want you to have tons of experience
for an entry level job
but how to get experience without a job?
they aren't super easy to get and paid ones are very rare
and if you aren't getting paid, how do you buy food and afford to live somewhere?

Take internships during college you say?
ok but how when you have all this school work
and still need money to live
you get lucky if you can manage to work an internship

but I don't even think one internship is enough anymore
I've applied to a bunch of jobs asking for 2-4 years experience in a professional job
and these are the jobs that are supposed to be considered entry level?

So I continue my search
maybe 24 will be a better year for job hunting
who knows

I looked all over the place for a "help wanted" sign and could not find one
(though I didnt get to look in a hardware store and Im sure they had them)
and I wasn't about to buy a bunch online for $5 just for one photo
so I had my dad print this sign out

The pose resembles a mug shot and I think it's fitting
because that's kinda how I feel applying for a job
like I'm being stripped down and judged 
waiting to be picked out of a line up

reject photos

final image

The series will be 23 photos, all self portraits. I'll be posting them on my flickr, and instagram everyday until my 24th birthday, which is May 23rd.

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