Sunday, May 22, 2016

What's My Age Again?

Well this is the end of my little self portrait project
Photo # 23
Rightfully named after the song from which the name of the series came from
"What's My Age Again"

There isn't much of a concept behind this photo
just kind of a ending image to tie it together
saying basically after all this year and all the stuff I've gone through
age is just a number
every birthday does not mark a charge in who I am
I'm learning everyday

Also fittingly "What's My Age Again?" is posted the day before I turn 24

23 has been a year of learning
and I'm trying to think more positive about the future
I know I'm going to have bad days
but they will pass
just as this year did

Maybe the "badluck" of age 23 was all in my head
maybe the year is cursed
who knows
but it's over now

I definitely don't feel like 24
to be honest I don't feel like 23 either
I don't really feel like any age honestly
anything under 23 seems to young for me to be
but 24 seems older than I feel
(not that 24 is old)

It's like when you're a kid
and everyone in high school seems so old and responsible and cool
I don't feel like I'm anything like what my child self would see a 24 as.
but everything seems big to you as a kid

You learn as a young adult 
that the notion that all adult have it together and always have the answers
is complete bullshit
we all don't know what we are doing
we just pretend we do 

This is kind of a relief, knowing it's not just me
but it's also kinda scary that we may never have it all together
and it'll always just be a guess

But either way we keep on living
keep on learning
keep making it up as we go along

Age is just a concept
but I'm hoping that the mark of 24 years brings me more luck
so here's too a good year!

I just want to thank everyone and anyone who's been following this series
and reading these ramblings I call blog post
and anyone who's help me create the photos/get the props I needed
Hopefully this series will help someone out there feel less alone with their problems
but if it doesn't it definitely helped me

reject photos

was really close to using this one as the final image^

 But went with this one instead

And that concludes "No One Likes You When You're 23"
a self portrait photo series
23 photos inspired by my year as a 23 year old, 
the stuff I've gone through, and stuff I've watched my friends go through

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