Saturday, August 27, 2016

Greaser Shoot Part Two (The Carnival)

Ever since I finished my "No One Likes You When You're 23" series I haven't been very active here
But! I finally have a new reason to blog, the second half of the Greaser shoot I did last year
 (I know my bad) is finally done!

This half of the shoot was done at the little carnival my town holds every year
and it definitely gives off that whole end of Grease vibe
Hannah changed her look a bit and we headed over to the high school (where the carnival is located)
a little bit before sunset
I remember having to stop at Hannah's house and getting a sudden stomach ache
Idk if it was random anxiety from about to be shooting in such a public setting
or if it was just a random food induced problem
with me it could of been either or

I was worried I was going to make it so we didn't have any good light
but we made it out ok
We definitely did get some weird stares from people
though honestly this little 50's get up was one of the most normal look for a shoot I've done
We just kind of ignored everyone and got to work

We ended up having to buy tickets for the merry go round for one of the shots I wanted
and that was definitely a tougher photo, trying to time my shutter and focus at the right time
I really liked how it came out though

I think a lot of people thought we were doing an engagement shoot
since the theme was a greaser couple
but this shoot is definitely more along the lines of fashion - style wise

I tried to give the photos the look of old black and white photos that had been digitally colored
I'm assuming everyone's seen those done before

I also put some of the other photos that didn't make it in my "edit" folder in black and white
just for fun

My top favorites of this shoot can be found on my facebook -
The ones on here are just extras =] 

and here are bonus black and whites!

^still really annoyed they didnt sell cotton candy on a stick!!
though we learned eating and modeling is not Hannah's strong suit (it's hard!!)

BIG thank you to Hannah and Kree for modeling for me and being amazing and looking hot!

check out part one of this shoot:

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